Body-Psychotherapy of Seattle
How Body Psychotherapy Works

Imagine a small child who becomes afraid. He will suck in his breathe, cutting it off at the diaphragm. His little shoulders lift and tense and his neck shortens. The eyes bug out in alarm. This posture prepares him to flee or fight as necessary. When the danger passes and the child is soothed and reassured his muscles relax, he can let out his air and take a deep breath, taking in life, sustenance, and the relationships available to him. Now he can move forward and be present to whatever life has to offer.

But if the child doesn't have the comfort to allow his system to relax the tension can persist in the muscles and inform his body posture. The emotion and experience of fear and alarm may become frozen in the system. The young developing body reinforces and sustains the experience of fear and distrust. Over time this will affect the child's personality and perceptions of the world around him. He may grow up thinking there is danger when no threat is present. His life is limited from within by the old experiences held in the system.

Body-oriented therapy brings awareness and release to the blocks on all levels of being: in thinking and perception (mind), physical holdings (body), and the emotions. Together we can bring awareness to your issues and employ your will to effect change and open to greater possibility in your life.

History of Psychotherapy
Body-psychotherapy has its origins in the work of Wilhelm Reich. From Reich's discoveries two of his students, Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos, founded the field of Bio-Energetics. Eventually Pierrakos went on to develop Core Energetics. Aylee is committed to combining the work of these masters with the field of interpersonal neurobiology, brain studies and mindfullness to effect the kindest, most direct and comprehensive route to change and personal growth for her clients and students.


Seattle, WA